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Dec 27, 2018

Maker Faires: They’re places where technologists go to play, and grow. Join Michelle Lange in the field at the South Side Mini-Maker Faire. She guides us through some of the booths, and speaks with Jackie Moore: the South Side Mini-Maker Faire Maven.

Music: C. Ezra Lange 

Dec 22, 2018

Technology is rapidly transforming our workplaces – from how we work to where we work. But is the culture of those workplaces transforming at the same frenzied pace? Listen to a panel of HR and technology workforce leaders assembled in Minneapolis by Creating IT Futures’ IT-Ready education, training and job...

Dec 14, 2018

Is it ever too late to launch your career as a technologist? Absolutely not. But you may need some help. Sue Wallace, Creating IT Futures’ Executive Director of National Workforce Solutions, speaks to our co-producer Doug Foresta at the IT-Ready employer event in Minnesota about how the IT-Ready program creates...

Dec 3, 2018

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding “Diversity & Inclusion” in organizations undergoing digital business transformations. But what do these words really mean every day on the job? Listen to a panel of HR and technology workforce leaders assembled in the Twin Cities by Creating IT Futures’ IT-Ready education,...

Nov 26, 2018

Continuing a conversation captured at CompTIA's 2018 ChannelCon, host Bob Dirkes learns from Angel Pineiro, Senior VP of Technology Services at Agilant Solutions, how his company helps teens launch careers as technologists, and why a Spanish-language version of Charles Eaton's book is important for today's parents.