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May 31, 2019

Ever heard the expression “Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life?” Nonsense, says CEO, author and social innovator, Charles Eaton, who explains the real secrets to a successful career working with technology. Hint: It’s not about having a passion for gadgets.

May 24, 2019

Launching a tech career means spending 4 years in college earning a computer science degree, right? Not so. There’s more than one pathway to landing a tech job, and Dr. Adrienne Holloway, Chief Innovation Officer for the City of Aurora, Illinois, is working with IT-Ready to build one for the local...

May 19, 2019

Thousands of digital natives from Gen Z will graduate from high schools, universities, trade schools and other programs this spring, eager to join Boomers, Gen X and Millennials in today’s tech workforce. How can they thrive in this competitive field? It’s never too late to learn to collaborate, says Tim Herbert,...